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Best camera phone under 15000 in Bangladesh


In 2021, we all want the best camera smartphone, but how to find the best one? Nowadays, you will see a plethora of options for smartphones, but how to choose the best one? Do not worry; I am here to help you find the best camera smartphone under 15000 taka. So, let’s jump into the main topic.

Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives as technology has advanced. If you are a selfie lover, then you will definitely look for a smartphone that has a gorgeous camera. Even if you are not still, you will go for a smartphone with good lens quality, resolution and, of course, both the front and the rear camera. Nowadays, people prefer good camera smartphones while travelling or going to party rather than a DSLR camera because it is hassle-free.

If you search on the internet which is the best camera smartphone under 15000 taka, you will not find many reviews on that, so I am researching you.


Features to look for on the best camera phone:

While there is a slew of brands claiming to have the most excellent camera phone, it's always a good idea to do your own research. 


Bright aperture

Before, wider lens apertures are seen in high-end smartphones from companies like Samsung and Apple than in lower-cost smartphones, but in 2021 this is such a misconception. You can find numerous smartphones with bright aperture under an affordable budget or 15000 taka. So before buying the best camera phone, you should check on it.


Amount of megapixel

Between 12-21 megapixel features are suitable for the best camera smartphone, but also you should pay attention to the micron/ um pixel figure, which means image quality is improved.


The screen size

Because there is no standard viewfinder, you'll need to use two hands to hold your smartphone and use the screen as a viewfinder and shutter release. As a result, the larger the screen, the more information you'll receive. Also, if a smartphone's screen is made of gorilla glass, this is a good thing because it is more scratch-resistant. The greater the screen resolution, the sharper the picture will be, so verify the phone's specifications for this.


Lenses and zoom

Premium smartphone lenses are excellent, and they can occasionally provide a better aperture than those found in compact digital cameras. Plus, because designers want smartphones to be as small as possible, there is not much room for optical zoom, so they usually have a prime wide-angle lens or a variety of prime lenses instead. We all know the advantages of primes over zooms. Instead of using the smartphone's pinch-zoom feature, you'll get a much better snapshot if you use your feet. Clip-on lenses are another alternative, and a variety of manufacturers, including well-known lens manufacturer ZEISS, now provide them. So checking lenses and zoom before buying the best camera smartphone is a must.


Optical image stabilization

Image stabilization is used to minimize the effect that it has on the smartphone. Without it, any movement can spoil your photo. Optical image stabilization also can make the better quality of video recorded in the smartphone. 


HDR or High dynamic range has existed for a long time, and now camera manufacturers include it in their smartphones. HDR improves picture quality. There are events when using this feature will be more advantageous than others, such as when snapping landscapes, outdoor portraits in direct sunshine, or scenarios with a lot of backlights. But try to avoid using this feature when people are moving while taking shots; this you need to keep in mind. 

There are other features that you need to look such as Videos, focus and shutter response. 


Our top best 6 camera smartphones are

Realme 5i, Realme C3, Redmi 9, Samsung galaxy M11, Oppo A12, Vivo Y20



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