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Best gaming phone under 15000 in Bangladesh

Best gaming phone under 15000

Which one is the best gaming phone under 15000 taka in Bangladesh? To give you the answer, I did a little bit of research because we both know that it is pretty impractical to pick the best one without proper analysis and comparison.

Whatever, I love to drive deep inside of gaming phones. Once I was a pubg addict a few years back and used to play PUBG all over the night on my Realme-1 smartphone. Realme-1 is the very first smartphone bearing the 'Realme' tagline, and it was just incredible.

They were launching their first phone; not much review was available online. My budget was limited to 12,000 rupees or 15,000 Bangladeshi taka (I was in India back then). I was determined to get the best smartphone within this budget. So, before buying a smartphone, I had done a lot of research to understands its quality, performance and capabilities. My research proved worthy, making me the winner back then, and I am doing the same analysis for you guys, now we are looking at the Bangladeshi market.

Short List: Best Gaming Phone Under Taka 15,000

  1.  Realme Narzo 20
  2.  Realme Narzo 30A
  3.  Xiaomi Poco M3
  4.  Tecno Camon 16
  5.  Infinix Note 8i
  6.  Tecno Spark 7 Pro

Things we must review before buying a Gaming Smartphone?

Before reviews the best gaming phone under 15000 in Bangladesh, let's discuss a little about the main components we must evaluate carefully.

CPU of the Smartphone

A smartphone is a tiny computer in hand. A central processing unit or CPU is hardware that allows the smartphone to communicate with all of the apps and programs it has loaded. When you use a smartphone, the CPU interprets the program's instructions and generates the output you see.

Gaming has become more diverse over time, and it seems to be regularly progressing. Both of these extra features and realistic experiences require a CPU capable of keeping up. That means with a better CPU; you will get better performance.


RAM is one of the most crucial factors you must consider when you are buying a gaming smartphone. If you are willing to play a game like Pubg mobile, your smartphone needs 4GB of RAM. But you can play Pubg lite or FreeFire with 3 GB of RAM on your smartphone.


When we play games on a smartphone, it consumes more power than usual, so the battery drains quickly. If it doesn't have a decent battery, you won't be able to play frequently. So, I recommended a minimum 4000mah battery for a budget gaming phone.

Competitors for the best gaming phone

We review all the smartphones under 15,000 currently available in Bangladesh, and only six qualify for the competition for being the best. Interestingly you can find 4GB ram and 4000mah battery in many smartphones in that range, but very few of them has a decent processor suitable for gaming.

Our selected best gaming smartphone candidates are:

Realme Narzo 20, Xiaomi Poco M3, Tecno Spark 7 Pro , Realme Narzo 30A, Infinix Note 8i, Tecno Camon 16.

Final Rounds

For the final battle, I choose 3 out of the six gaming smartphone under 15,000 in the Bangladeshi market. They are Realme Narzo 20, Narzo 30a and Xiaomi Poco M3. There is no doubt that these are the best gaming phone in this range because of their powerful CPU and GPU.

So let's look into the final battle.

These three smartphones have 4 GB of RAM, a 6000mAh battery, fast charging facilities and a high-resolution display.

If it comes to display, Poco M3 is a little bit ahead of them. Poco M3 has Full HD+ 1080 x 2340 pixels (395 PPI). On the contrary, Narzo 20 and 30a are featured with only 270 PPI 720 x 1600 pixels HD+ display. So, you will get a better display resolution in Poco M3.

But when I compared their CPU & GPU, the two most essential components for gaming, Realme Nazro 20 & 30a, clearly beat Poco M3.

Realme Nazro 20 & 30a both phone has a similar specification and almost similar price range. These two are powered by Mediatek Helio G85 (12 nm) processor and Mali Mali-G52 MC2 graphics processing unit. On the other hand, Poco M3 contains Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 (11 nm) processor.

Mediatek Helio G85 is a gaming processor, so it is specifically optimized for gaming. Combined with Mali-G52 MC2, Mediatek Helio G85 is a niche killer gaming processor in this price segment.

Snapdragon 662 is also a great processor in mid-range phones, but when it comes to gaming, it is no match for the Mediatek Helio G85. Again it is powered by Adreno 610 GPU; if we compare it with Mali-G52 MC2, the second one wins.

Why is the MediaTek Helio G85 superior to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 662 processor?

Dynamic frequency scaling is available.

It complies with the Advanced Encryption Standard.

TrustZone is present.

GPU turbo speed increased by 400MHz (1000MHzvs600MHz).

Has double computed unite (2vs1).

Final Verdicts

In terms of Computer Processing Unite and Graphics processing unite, Narzo 20 & 30a are clearly ahead of Poco M3. In contrast, M3 has better display resolution. A better display is excellent for gaming, no doubt on that, but I firmly believe that a better CPU (+GPU) is more important.

A better CPU can handle heavy games like PUBG more smoothly than an inferior one. When we play a heavy game, our smartphone mainly relies upon the CPU. So, if your smartphone doesn't feature a powerful CPU, it can lag or become slower with time.

So, from my perspective, Realme Narzo 20 and Narzo 30a both are the best gaming phone under the 15,000 segment in the Bangladeshi market. Poco M3 is the second most potent gaming phone in this range, and with a higher resolution display, it is the best alternative to Narzo 20 & 30A.


Furteher Information:


mi poco-m3
realme narzo-30a

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